Coffee Bio-composite from coffee grounds is the first raw material product in Vietnam, laying the groundwork for Biopolymer and other market players to develop biological products.

Coffee bio- Composite
Coffee bio- Composite

The concept of the Coffee Bio-Composite

Coffee Bio-composite is a one-of-a-kind combination of natural coffee grounds and traditional PP that decomposes into water, CO2, and biomass without polluting the environment and is healthy and safe. with regard to human health

Especially with natural coffee ingredients up to 50%, biodegradability is optimized, resulting in the most positive environmental impact.
Coffee bio- Composite Origin

With superior quality and high biodegradability, Coffee Bio-composite is confident in the most unique and optimal source of materials, capable of completely replacing traditional PP/PE, promising to bring a new transformation to the plastic industry in particular and Vietnam’s sustainable economy in general

International Biodegradation Certificate
International Biodegradation Certificate- Coffee Bio- Composite

Coffee Bio-composite is proud to satisfy the most stringent biodegradation standards set by prestigious organizations worldwide, including DIN CERTCO, TUV AUSTRIA, USDA, and others.


Coffee Bio-Best Composite’s Properties

In order to satisfy the market for plastic products, Biopolymer developed a coffee bio-composite bio-plastic material line in response to the complex situation of white pollution. This product also has several characteristics that not all bioplastics have.

  1. Because of the coffee origin, it is entirely biodegradable.
  2. Health-related safety Food Contact Materials (FCMs) ensure absolute safety when products come into direct contact with food, even when used with hot food and drinks, after proudly achieving REACH/Rohs certification ( 100 degrees Celsius)
  3. Runs on standard plastic machines
  4. Has the distinct aroma and color of coffee, creating a sense of closeness to nature.
  5. Maintain the same properties as conventional PP/PE
  6. High strength, good impact resistance, and not flow as easily as other bioplastics.
  7. Many products are used daily, such as cups, bio-plastic containers, knives, spoons, forks, etc.
  8. The reasonable price due to less reliance on fossil raw materials, resulting in lower production costs

The appearance of Coffee Bio-composite bioplastic in comparison to traditional plastic

Biopolymer Biodegradable Plastic Granules

Typical traditional plastic particles

The exterior

When you pick it up, you will notice how hard and rough it is. Rough, bumpy, and unpolished The majority of them vary in size.

The surface is smooth and glossy, and the particle sizes are mostly the same.


Natural materials are used. When combined with starch, it becomes white; when combined with coffee, it becomes brown.

More colorful diverse


Natural ingredients are used. When combined with starch, it will smell like tapioca or cornstarch; when combined with coffee, it will smell like coffee.- When burned, it will be flammable and produce less smoke.

Strong plastic odor- difficult to burn, lots of smoke, strong plastic odor

Product Origin

Natural materials (coffee, bagasse, starch, coir,…) are combined with traditional PP/PE materials.

Traditional materials such as PP and PE are used.

The appearance of Coffee Bio-composite bioplastic in comparison to traditional plastic

Bioplastics: Coffee Bio- Composite

Coffee Bio-composite bioplastics contain more than 60% natural ingredients, making the product less reliant on fossil raw materials and lowering the material’s price.
Coffee bio-composite made from coffee

There are two types of coffee bioplastic: (F) Coffee Bio-composite TM and (N) Coffee Bio-composite TM.


The density

Main produce

The caffeine content



Operation temperature

Melting temperature

Burn rate

Drying temperature

Average thickness

Elastic modulus according to ASTM D6 38


Processing temperature.

Shock resistance.


The solubility

Decomposite time

0.9 g/cm3

Polypropylene or recycled material and coffee grounds



The coffee aroma is light.

<100 degrees Celsius

200 degrees Celsius

200 hour/10 minute

100 degrees Celsius with 3 hour



Non-toxic ( REACH/ Rohs certified, food contact Materials (FCMs)

< 190 degrees celsius.


Insoluble in water solvents

6 months

(F) Coffee Bio-Composite Bean TM

Ingredients: 60% coffee grounds, 40% virgin PP
Product Description

It’s made from natural ingredients like coffee grounds and primary PP seeds. Biodegradable, aiding in the reduction of environmental pollution.

  • The raw material is of good color and color stability
  • High temperature resistant
  • Safe to use for food(BPA-free)
  • Using injection molding, blown film, and molding technology
  • Store in a clean, dry place


Coffee Bio-composite P60CF is fully capable of producing finished products such as cups, lunch boxes, trays, knives, spoons, forks, straws, and so on using film blowing, extrusion, and injection molding technology

Because of their rigorously tested safety and health features, products made from coffee bio-plastic (F) Coffee, Bio-composite TM primarily serve the food industry as well as household kitchen tools.
Application of bio-plastic (F) Coffee Bio-Composite

(N) Coffee Bio-Composite BeanTM

Ingredients : 60% coffee grounds, 40% recycled materials
Product Description

It’s made from natural materials like coffee grounds and recycled materials. Biodegradable, thereby reducing the environmental pollution

  • The raw material has a dark color and poor color stability.
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • High hardness and strength
  • Injection molding, blown film, and molding techniques are used.
  • Keep in a clean, dry place.


To create non-food items and utensils like cosmetic containers, combs, razors, toothbrushes, flower pots, and so on.

Bioplastic (N) Coffee Bio-Composite BeanTM is appropriate for everyday consumer products such as personal care, home, office, or agricultural decoration; some of these application products are also appropriate for various types of restaurant and hotel services, thereby reducing single-use plastic waste.
Application of bio-plastic (N) Coffee Bio-Composite

The above applications not only have tangible benefits, but they also have extremely unique features from coffee materials as well as higher durability than traditional plastic products. The use of Coffee Bio-composite bioplastics has the advantage of lower raw material costs because it is not dependent on fossil raw materials, and the products sold on the market will be priced appropriately. consumers have more power.

Where can buy Coffee Bio-composite Biodegradable Plastic Beads?

Address for direct purchase

Coffee Bio-composite products are currently available for purchase at 384 Hoang Dieu, Ward 6, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City.

If you are in the HCMC area and want to see Coffee Bio-composite in person, you can go to the address above to see the product’s color, shape, etc. There will be a team to advise you on technology and detailed product information, allowing you to negotiate the best price.
Fanpage Biopolymer

Where can you buy Coffee Bio-composite bioplastics if time is limited or the place to buy directly is located a long distance away and it is inconvenient to move?

You can order online through Biopolymer’s official website for greater convenience and time savings.
Fanpage Biopolymer

To order Coffee Bio-composite biodegradable plastic beads, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Biopolymer Website.
Step 2: Select “Contact Us.”
Step 3: In the “Message” box, enter your information and the product name Coffee Bio-composite. After that, click the “Send” button.
Step 4: The Biopolymer team will receive your message and respond as soon as possible.

Order from the Biopolymer fanpage.
Fanpage Biopolymer

You can also purchase Biopolymer Coffee Bio-composite bio-plastics by ordering through the fanpage in the four steps below:

Step 1: Go to Biopolymer’s Facebook page.
Step 2: Send a message stating that you are looking to purchase Coffee Bio-composite biodegradable plastic beads.
Step 3: After receiving the message, our team will contact you directly.
Step 4: Biopolymer will process your order and ship your order as soon as possible.

With the information provided, you should no longer be wondering where to buy Coffee Bio-composite bioplastics. From there, it is simple to own a one-of-a-kind source of raw materials and thus keep up with the “green” consumption trend.

Coffee bio-composite resin price

If you require a quote or want to learn more about the Coffee Bio-composite product line, please visit the Biopolymer Website, then click here. fill out the “Contact” section with the necessary information Our Biopolymer team will provide additional assistance.


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