Biopolymer was initially successful and received a lot of support from the international market for its unique Coffee Bio-composite bioplastics material of coffee origin.

VietNam's first coffee bioplastics producer.
VietNam’s first coffee Bioplastics producer.

1. First steps in the development of coffee bio-composite bioplastics

VietNam's first coffee Bioplastics producer
VietNam’s first coffee Bioplastics producer

Biopolymer is a new brand launched by Veritas Vietnam Joint Stock Company in early 2021 with the goal of developing biodegradable plastic products made from environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic materials. Plastic industry, packaging, construction, and engineering

Formerly a company that owned the ShoeX coffee-based shoe brand in 2018, Veritas Vietnam believes that this “one-of-a-kind” product has gained a lot of community support and that this is a stepping stone to the market for plastic bio coffee bio-composite.

VietNam's first coffee bioplastics producer

Coffee Bio-composite bioplastics from coffee have been proven to be the most unique and optimal source of materials, completely replaceable, after a 10-year research process by a team of experienced engineers. PP/PE material with high biodegradability. Coffee Bio-composite plastic from coffee has the potential to transform Vietnam’s plastic industry.


Among alternative materials, bioplastics are widely regarded as the most promising. Aside from PLA, PBS, and PBAT,… bioplastics made from coffee grounds have appeared and are supported by many markets worldwide, particularly in Europe. The most obvious advantage of bioplastics is that they are biodegradable.

2. Coffee Bio- outstanding composite characteristics

VietNam's first coffee bioplastics producer

2.1 Coffee Bio-composite Bioplastics Biodegradability:

Biopolymer Biodegradable Plastic Granules meet the most stringent biodegradation standards set by the world’s most prestigious organizations, including DIN CERTCO, TUV AUSTRIA, USDA, and others. Committed to producing products that meet biodegradation certifications as well as its own standards in coffee bio-composite


2.2 Environmental sensitivity

After being buried or burned, coffee bio-composite bio-plastics decompose into biomass, water, CO2, or CH4, capable of assisting plant development and growth, but do not decompose into microplastics cause pollution to the environment The plants will then continue to provide natural materials for the manufacture of Biopolymer biodegradable plastic beads.

As a result, the life cycle of coffee bio-composite Biopolymer continues to rotate, forming an optimal cyclic process that contributes to positive environmental effects

VietNam's first coffee bioplastics producer

Ordinary plastic cannot be decomposed completely in a short period of time. The current situation is also visible, with too much plastic waste floating on the ground and in the water. It will pollute the surrounding environment regardless of treatment measures. As a result, choosing coffee bio-composite bioplastics is the raw material used to create long-term value

2.3 100% health-safe

Bio-composite coffee Biopolymer products are safe when in contact with food, including food at high temperatures (100 degrees Celsius), and are free of BPA and toxins. The product, in particular, does not contain any harmful styrene substances, ensuring the highest level of safety

2.4 Reasonable cost

Coffee bio-composite bioplastic’s raw material source is less reliant on finite raw materials such as petroleum, ensuring prices are not affected by market fluctuations and costs remain stable.

3. Biopolymer Vietnam Orientation for Coffee Bio-composite Bioplastic.

With the determination to assist the government and partners in reducing plastic waste, it is unavoidable to construct a system centered on the production of environmentally friendly plastic products.

Biopolymer Vietnam’s current goal is to bring Coffee Bio-composite bioplastics closer to manufacturers, resulting in green applied products made from biodegradable materials

VietNam's first coffee bioplastics producer

Furthermore, Biopolymer Vietnam intends to conquer export to more than 50 other discerning markets, including Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia, which are gradually replacing disposable plastic products with bioplastics.

Biopolymers’ next step is to concentrate on coffee bio-composite materials and application products, which will account for most of the company’s revenue and profit in the future.

VietNam's first coffee bioplastics producer

4. Purchase Policy

Please go to the Biopolymer Website, then click “Contact Us,” and fill out the form. Our Biopolymer team will respond as soon as possible with size recommendations and quotes

If you have any questions about purchasing policies, product information, or anything else, please send an email to, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible best.

Biopolymer is proud to be the first company in Vietnam and the world to specialize in developing products made from coffee grounds. The company plans to expand the use of coffee bioplastics in various product lines such as furniture, cups, cups, daily life, and so on in the future. The goal is to provide green solutions for the next generation while also contributing to the promotion of favorable economic policies through the use of biodegradable plastic or coffee bio-composite.

We hope that with its natural, environmentally friendly biodegradability, this product will continue to write the environmental story, spread the message of limiting single-use plastic, and help you create a “green” future.

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