Despite its recent launch, the Coffee Bio-composite product line of biodegradable plastic beads has been warmly appreciated by the market. Let’s find out what makes Coffee Bio-composite biodegradable plastic beads so unique!

What makes COFFEE BIO-COMPOSITE so unique?
Coffee bio- composite

1. Derived from distinctive coffee grounds

What makes COFFEE BIO-COMPOSITE so unique?
Coffee grinds are the primary component of biodegradable plastic beads.

Coffee grounds, a seemingly innocuous commodity, are now the principal element of the biodegradable plastic product Coffee Bio-composite. Coffee Bio-composite biodegradable plastic beads not only retain the properties of traditional PP/PE, but also have particular qualities of coffee grounds such as sterilization, natural dark brown color, and light coffee aroma.

Coffee Bio-composite biodegradable plastic beads include more than 60% natural elements, making the product less reliant on fossil raw materials and hence more affordable.

2. Good for your health

What makes COFFEE BIO-COMPOSITE so unique?

America’s goods are happy to be REACH / Rohs certified after passing a series of rigorous testing according to European regulations. Food Contact Materials (FCMs) provide absolute safety when items come into direct contact with food, even when used with hot food and drinks (100 degrees Celsius)

Coffee Bio- composite biodegradable plastic beads are non-infectious and free of toxic chemicals (BPA) for human health.

3. Totally biodegradable

What makes COFFEE BIO-COMPOSITE so unique?
Proven Biodegradability Guaranteed

Coffee Bio- composite biodegradable plastic beads fulfill the most stringent biodegradation requirements set by respected organizations worldwide, including DIN CERTCO, TUV AUSTRIA, USDA, and others.


4. Environmental sensitivity

What makes COFFEE BIO-COMPOSITE so unique?
Biodegradable plastic beads

After being buried or burned, coffee bio-composite bio-degradable plastic pellets breakdown into biomass, water, CO2 or CH4, capable of assisting plant development and growth without decomposing into microorganisms. There is no pollution to the environment from plastic.

Where can I get coffee bio-composite?

Customers can use the following purchasing methods to get the best quality standard coffee biological plastic straws:

1. Purchase straight from the warehouse/store

The warehouse is located at 384 Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 06, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City.

You will be able to immediately view the product’s qualities, colors, shapes, and so on, and staff will be available to assist you with technical factors and full information about the goods.

2. Purchase things from the website

In addition to direct purchases, Biopolymer assists businesses and customers in purchasing coffee bioplastics or coffee straws online via the Biopolymer Vietnam official website.

The ordering procedure is quite simple:

Step 1: Go to the Biopolymer Website.

Step 2: Select “Contact Us.”

Step 3: In the “Message” box, enter your details as well as the name of the coffee bean or coffee biological straw. Then click on the “Send” button.

Step 4: The Biopolymer team will receive your message and answer as soon as feasible.

Following that, the plants will continue to produce natural materials for product manufacturing. As a result, the life cycle of Coffee Bio-composite biodegradable plastic beads continues to rotate, generating an ideal cyclic process that contributes to favorable environmental effects.

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The main product is the outcome of Biopolymer engineers’ more than ten years of research and development, with the hope that this would be a new direction to help minimize plastic waste pollution and catch up with consumer trends. Vietnam is “green.”

We can absolutely answer that coffee bio-composite from coffee can completely replace traditional plastic based on the above properties and applications. Contributing to the protection of the environment from plastic pollution by using coffee materials and developing sustainable cyclic products for the present and future.

Policy on Purchases

Please go to the Biopolymer Website, then select “Contact Us,” and fill out the form. Our Biopolymer team will provide sizing recommendations and costs as soon as possible.

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