Biodegradable plastic resins Biopolymer not only fully meet the outstanding features of regular plastic, but the product is also biodegradable, contributing to reducing the amount of plastic waste and being environmentally friendly.

What are biodegradable plastic resins Biopolymer ?

Biodegradable plastic resins Biopolymer are a material made from a combination of traditional PP and natural materials such as coffee grounds, starch, coir, bagasse, seaweed,…

The content of renewable materials in Biopolymer accounts for more than 60%, so that the product has optimal biodegradation. Specifically, after use, biodegradable plastic resins are buried or burned, under the impact of microorganisms in appropriate conditions, the product will be converted into CO2, CH4, water and biomass. So that they will not pollute the environment and are safe for health.

Biodegradable plastic resisn - Biopolymer
Biodegradable plastic resisn – Biopolymer

Besides, biodegradable plastic resins Biopolymer are resistant to heat and force. Therefore, they can apply the blow molding, extrusion molding, injection molding to create products such as mugs, cups, straws, knives,…

What is special about biodegradable plastic resins Biopolymer ?

What is special about biodegradable plastic resins Biopolymer ?
What is special about biodegradable plastic resins Biopolymer ?
  1. Biodegradation: Biodegradable plastic resins – Biopolymer meet the strictest biodegradation standards from prestigious organizations around the world such as: DIN CERTCO, TUV AUSTRIA, USDA,…

2. Environmentally friendly: Biopolymer – biodegradable plastic resins, after being buried or burned, will decompose into biomass, water, CO2 or CH4, helping plants to grow and develop. They do not decay into microplastics and cause no harm to the environment. After that, the plants will continue to provide natural materials for the production of Biopolymer biodegradable plastic resins. Thus, the life cycle of the Biopolymer biodegradable plastic resins continues to rotate, forming an optimal cyclic process, contributing to positive effects on the environment.

3. 100% safety for health : Biopolymer biodegradable plastic resins are absolutely safe to contact with food, including food with hot temperatures (100 degrees Celsius), completely free of BPA or exposure to any toxins. In particular, with the main ingredients from nature, the product does not contain any harmful styrene substances, ensuring the most optimal safety.

4. Reasonable price: Biopolymer’s raw materials are less dependent on finite sources of raw materials such as petroleum. Ensuring prices are not affected by market fluctuations, we keep costs at a reasonable level

Biopolymer biodegradable plastic resins are the passion, the result of more than 10 years of research and development of a team of engineers with the desire to bring to the market the best quality source of biological materials but still bring positive value to the environment.

Current application of Biopolymer

  • Pens made from coffee grounds

Ballpoint pen from biodegradable plastic resins – Biopolymer Vietnam is a product with optimal green transition with uses and features not inferior to other ballpoint pens on the market.

With diverse design advantages, suitable for use, ballpoint pens made from coffee grounds Biopolymer confidently bring a new and satisfied experience to users. In addition, the inner ink core is replaceable, after using it, users do not have to throw it away but can reuse it.

Pens made from coffee bio-composite
Pens made from coffee bio-composite

Pens made from coffee grounds proudly passes the rigorous testing procedures for safety of famous organizations such as QUATEST 3, SGS, … The product does not contain toxic fillers, additives or BPA. , completely safe for children, adults or especially for those who have a habit of biting pens.


  • Spoons made from coffee bio-composite

The product is committed to not containing BPA – a substance capable of destroying the body’s hormones, causing many dangerous diseases such as cancer, affecting the nervous system, hypothyroidism … and other dangerous diseases. . In parallel with the above reasons, Coffee Bio-composite Vietnam spoons also possess many other outstanding features such as:

Spoons made from biodegradable plastic resins
Spoons made from biodegradable plastic resins

-High strength, better heat resistance than traditional materials

– Smooth surface, creating a great experience when using and holding

– Suitable for foods such as yogurt, ice cream, …

-Possesses the natural mild aroma of coffee

-The price of the bioplastic coffee spoon is competitive and reasonable

  • Mugs made from coffee grounds

The capacity of the cup is 450ml (15oz), the diameter of the cup is 85mm, the height is 100mm, the width is 120mm (including the handle) – this is the right size and handy for all kinds of drinks.

The product is uniquely engraved on the side of the cup and has a power-operated handle button design, helping to bring comfort to the user. In particular, during use, you will feel the characteristic light and gentle aroma of coffee.

Mugs made from coffee grounds
Mugs made from coffee grounds

In addition, the cup made from biodegradable plastic coffee bio-composite Vietnam has good heat retention, high strength and heat resistance up to 125 degrees Celsius, can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers

  • Cosmetic bottles
Cosmetic bottles made from biodegradable plastic resins
Cosmetic bottles made from biodegradable plastic resins

Set of bottles of various sizes and uses such as jars, vacuum bottles, upside down bottles, bottles with faucets, etc. All bottles, jars, tubes are made from Vietnam coffee bio-composite bioplastic. , meet the standard of biodegradation.

Flexible bottles for a variety of soaps and cosmetics, ensuring that the quality and scent of the nutrients and solvents inside are not affected, ensuring that there are no spills and leaks. The surface of the product is rough, with a natural coffee brown color, bringing a luxurious and unique feeling.

  • Plant pots made from biodegradable plastic resins

Plant pots made from Vietnam’s Coffee Bio-composite bio-plastics derived from coffee beans are the perfect alternative to conventional plastic planters.

The product is engraved with natural texture, providing a solid feeling when holding without creating a slippery feeling.

After use, you can either bury or burn. When the right conditions are met, the bio-plastic pot will biodegrade into water, CO2 and biomass – completely harmless to the soil or polluting the environment.

Purchasing policy.

Please visit Biopolymer Website, then click “Contact Us” and leave the necessary information. Our Biopolymer team will counsel sizes and price quotations as soon as possible.

Products from biodegradable plastic resins are on the rise with the aim of bringing more purpose for the future, especially with the living environment and human health. Therefore, the use of biodegradable plastic products is not only with the usual use of a must-have item, but it also brings a future without plastic waste, for the health of the next generation! Please stop by our fanpage for more information about our products.

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