Materials for the production process of cups made from coffee grounds

Cups made from coffee grounds are manufactured from Coffee Bio-composite resins which include two main ingredients: recycled coffee grounds mixed with recycled food-grade PP material being ensured environmentally friendly and safety for users’ health.

Coffee Bio-composite has many properties that other traditional plastics do not have, such as:

  • Biodegradability thanks to deriving from coffee grounds.
  • Guaranteed to be safe to use at high temperatures (below 120 degrees Celsius).
  • Flexible when being used with traditional plastic machines.
  • Possessing all the inherent characteristics of traditional PP plastic.
  • High strength, good impact resistance.
  • Competitive price, much cheaper than traditional plastic
Formation process of Coffee Bio-composite resins
Formation process of Coffee Bio-composite resins

In addition, Coffee Bio-composite are proud to meet the strictest biodegradation standards from prestigious organizations in the world such as DIN CERTCO, TUV AUSTRIA, USDA, etc.

Modern production process of cups made from coffee grounds

In order to reach consumers, cups made from coffee grounds need to go through a full production process of as follows:

Step 1: Create material

This is the step to create Coffee Bio-composite, the main raw material for the production of most products made from coffee grounds.

Step 2: Applying injection molding technology

First, the raw material, which is Coffee Bio-composite, will be put into the raw material hopper of the machine, then heated to melt at a suitable temperature.

Next, the molten material will be injected into the closed mold with great pressure through the screw system of the machine. The finished mold will be cooled so that the molten material in the mold turns to a solid state.

Finally, open the mold to take out the finished product.

Video injection molding process

Step 3: Cut the burr 

After being pressed and shaped, the finished product will have unfinished leftovers that will be passed through the burr cutting stage. In this step, specialized technical workers will trim the excess parts so that the product becomes beautiful and safe to use.

Step 4: Check the quality

In this step, finished products that are incomplete in color, design as well as surface texture that do not meet aesthetic factors will be removed.

Step 5: Package

After the products are checked and guaranteed to meet quality standards, they will be sent to the packaging department to be ready to be delivered to customers.

quy trình sản xuất ly làm từ bã cà phê
Cup made from coffee grounds – To Go cup

Notes in production process of cups made from coffee grounds

To produce the best quality of cups made from coffee grounds, the following issues should be noted:

  • Check raw materials before putting into production
  • Check mold before injection molding
  • Check the specifications before running the machine to make sure the material color is as required

Biopolymer is proud to own the formula for developing raw materials made from coffee grounds and is the manufacturer of finished products made from this material. With many years of experience and success with a wide range of products from coffee grounds, Biopolymer is confident to bring our partners the best quality products and solutions.

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