What is a latte cup made from coffee grounds? What preeminent features does it possess? Why can we compete with traditional porcelain cups? Read the full article to find the answer!

Porcelain cups are a familiar product for diners who enjoy coffee, especially for those who love hot coffee dishes such as capucchino, latte… Many people also think that coffee will taste better when cooked. served in porcelain cups, however this is not necessarily true.

Porcelain cups are popular because they possess a neutral, solid structure that does not absorb or transmit flavors, so they can keep the taste of the coffee cup intact. At the same time, porcelain cups are also a product that can be reused many times, which is considered one of the environmental protection solutions of the F&B industry.

a porcelain cup
a porcelain cup

Understanding the positive features of porcelain cups, Biopolymer has launched a new and unique latte cup made from coffee grounds but still possesses all the inherent advantages of a normal porcelain cup.

This latte product is expected to bring consumers experiences that are not only new but also better than other traditional products on the market.

Features of latte cup made from coffee grounds

As the 3rd generation product in Biopolymer’s coffee grounds-based cup/cup product group, coffee latte possesses outstanding features and features such as:

Safety for health: This is the criterion we consider the most important for the product line serving the dietary needs of consumers. A latte cup made from coffee grounds is completely safe to contact with food, the product is highly heat resistant, can be used in microwaves and dishwashers without producing any harmful chemical reactions to health. 

Environmentally friendly: A latte coffee cup made from coffee grounds is biodegradable faster than conventional conventional products. At the end of the use life and in a conditioned decomposition environment, the product will decompose into CO2, H20, CH4 and biomass. The amount of CO2 emitted is also 50% less than other traditional plastics, which is extremely beneficial in reducing the greenhouse effect globally.

Reusable many times: Similar to the To-Go and AirX Coffee Mug products, a latte coffee cup made from coffee grounds is created to serve the needs of multiple reuse for users. The life span of the product is averaged from 2 to 5 years. 

Characteristic coffee scent: When using, users will easily notice the gentle coffee scent inside the cup, this natural scent will help stimulate taste and smell, making the experience of enjoying coffee. of users become more special than ever

Exceptional service: The top priority is to meet all customer needs in the best way. Therefore, in addition to providing unique and environmentally-friendly cups made from coffee grounds, we also provide logo printing services on request. We also provide custom logo printing services, in order to bring to customers products bearing their own brand.

A latte cup made from coffee grounds
A latte cup made from coffee grounds


Compare a porcelain cup & a latte cup from coffee grounds

In terms of shape, both porcelain and latte cup have the same design, moderate rim thickness, and convenient handles. However, if you consider the details, a latte made from coffee grounds will have more outstanding advantages.

The differences between a porcelain cup and a latte cup made from coffee grounds

With the superiority in the structure and product features, the latte cup made from coffee grounds can completely replace the traditional porcelain cup, giving users a new experience when enjoying the cup of coffee. 

Preserving the latte cup from coffee grounds is also much simpler than preserving porcelain cups, thanks to the high durability and light weight of the product, which will help reduce risks for users when cleaning and product storage.

In addition, porcelain cups after a period of use will appear cracks, large cracks are potentially dangerous to the user, and some small cracks cause unsightly.Through comparison with porcelain cups, it can be seen that the latte cup made from coffee grounds are not inferior in any way, on the contrary, possess more outstanding features.

Compare a porcelain cup & a latte cup from coffee grounds
Compare a porcelain cup & a latte cup from coffee grounds

To know more about the latte cup made from coffee grounds or have any questions, please visit the website and leave a message in the contact section if you have questions or need support from us. AirX Coffee is a leading company in the production of COFFEE BIO-COMPOSITE. We always bring green and sustainable solutions to customers with product OEM/ODM service

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