A facility manufacturing coffee cup with high quality and reputable is the top concern of many units. The reason is because more and more people are interested in and looking for unique products, especially those made from coffee grounds. Because these products possess many outstanding features that many other conventional products do not have.

Join us to learn about a reputable facility manufacturing coffee cup in Vietnam as well as the standards that need to be met for finished cup products.

Production standards to note at the facility manufacturing coffee cup

In order for a finished cup product to ensure health safety and deliver to consumers, it is necessary to meet criteria such as:

  • Shape: The shape of the product must be in accordance with the published specifications, the via parts are cut beautifully without defects. The surface of the product is smooth, the pattern on the cup is even
  • Color: Because it is made from the unique material of coffee grounds, the finished product will have the characteristic brown color of coffee grounds, neither too light nor too dark. However, in case of request from the partner unit, the color of the product can be adjusted to change
  • Scent: The product has a scent like the smell of coffee after roasting, the smell is faint and will fade with the process of use. This scent is commented to help wake up the smell of coffee drinks when customers use the cup to drink coffee
Cups and mugs made from coffee grounds

Because it is a product made from natural ingredients (coffee grounds), the preservation stage also needs to meet many standards to ensure the safety of users’ health. Products made from coffee grounds should be stored in a cool, dry place, avoiding humid places, easy to create conditions for bacteria to multiply.

A facility manufacturing coffee cup in Viet Nam

Biopolymer is proud to be a pioneer in developing and manufacturing cups made from coffee grounds in Vietnam, with a European standard production facility and equipment and machinery applying advanced technology, committed to creating the best quality products.

Some models of mugs and cups made from coffee grounds that Biopolymer owns:

  • To-go cup: 300ml take-away cup, with a convenient lid design to take anywhere
To-go cups made from coffee grounds
  • Latte cup: The form of a cup used for hot drinks such as coffee latte, cocoa, tea … has a capacity of 300ml, comes with a comfortable handle.
Latte cup made from coffee grounds
  • Cup: Drinking cup with handle, 450ml large capacity, suitable for all kinds of drinks, especially ice cubes
Cup made from coffee grounds

In addition to the existing models, Biopolymer can also produce ODM / OEM depending on the needs of our partners and the minimum quantity of each order.


For advice on manufacturing and ordering products, please contact Biopolymer – a reputable coffee grounds cup manufacturer in Vietnam “CONTACT“. We will respond to your request ASAP.

Biopolymer is a facility manufacturing coffee cup

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