Biopolymer is proud to be the first developer, producer and distributor of coffee-based products in Vietnam.

About Biopolymer – Distributor of coffee-based products

In addition to being a producer of coffee bio-composite made from coffee grounds, Biopolymer is also a nationwide distributor of coffee-based products. With many years of experience in development and production. Biopolymer is confident that it can bring customers the best environmental protection solutions from the application of unique, novel and flexible products made from coffee grounds.

distributor of coffee-based products
Distributor of coffee-based products

For the coffee bio-composte product, Biopolymer is the only unit in Vietnam that can produce this material, and also owns the intellectual property rights on the material. Therefore, commitment can bring customers the best quality products with the best price in the market.


Overview of the production process of raw materials and finished products

Coffee grounds from selected coffee shops and restaurants, after being used, will be collected to be taken to the processing plant and created coffee bio-composite coffee beans. This is the main raw material for the production of products made from coffee grounds.

In the next step, coffee bio-composite bioplastics will be put into the plastic injection factory to mix and use appropriate pressing technology to create the final product. Depending on the type of product, different pressing technologies will be applied such as extrusion, injection molding, film blowing, etc.

Process of raw materials and finished products
Process of raw materials and finished products

Products made from coffee grounds

1. Products from textile fabrics

Shoes and masks are the first two products made from coffee grounds to be launched in the Vietnamese market since 2019. The products have received special attention from a large number of users, thanks to the unique product materials. Unique, highly applicable and possesses many outstanding features such as: antibacterial, deodorant, soft – suitable for sensitive skin, mild coffee flavor and 2 times faster drying ability than conventional products. other.

Coffee Mask
Coffee Mask

Coffee shoes have been produced and sold more than 3000 pairs in only 6 months of launch and received many positive feedbacks from users.

Coffee masks have been exported to more than 50 countries and territories around the world with more than 500,000 units sold, marking a successful milestone of the world’s first coffee grounds products.

2. Consumer products

With the preeminent features of coffee bio-composite, many consumer products have been launched such as cutlery sets, cups, mugs, containers, ballpoint pens… The products all have common features. such as lightweight – durable, reusable many times and at the end of the product life cycle will be able to biodegrade, generate CO2, CH4 and biomass.

Coffee-based products
Coffee-based products

3. Furniture products

Thanks to its durability and reusability, coffee bio-composite is also used to create furniture products such as tables and chairs for indoor use.

Strategic partners of Biopolymer – distributor of coffee-based products 

Biopolymer is currently a strategic partner – distributor of coffee-based products for major units/brands in Vietnam such as Uniqlo, Vinsfast, 25Fit, Coupler TX, Porsche… To provide customers and partners with more unique products, Biopolymer has been constantly improving and developing day by day. The trust and companionship of customers is one of the measures of the success of Biopolymer’s coffee grounds products.

Not only in the country, our coffee-based products are also exported to many countries around the world such as Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Sweden,… Product quality is constantly being improved to affirm its position and reach more countries.

Some partners of Biopolymer
Some partners of Biopolymer

Contact for advice & purchase

For advice and to order products, please contact Biopolymer – a reputable distributor of products made from coffee grounds in Vietnam through this “FORM”. Just provide some basic information, we will respond to your request as quickly as possible. Biopolymer is looking forward to cooperating with many partners in the plastic industry in the future.

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