After more than 10 years of research and development, Biopolymer’s engineering team has launched a biodegradable plastic product which promises to catch the Green consumption trend.

What is Biopolymer biodegradable plastic ?

Biopolymer biodegradable plastic is a material created from a combination of natural materials such as coffee grounds, starch, coconut shell, … and traditional PP/PE. It can decompose into water, CO2 and biomass and therefore it does not pollute the environment and is safe for human health. 

Especially, the natural composition in Biopolymer biodegradable plastic is up to 60%, so the biodegradability is optimized bringing the most positive impact to the environment.

The prominent features of Biopolymer biodegradable plastic pellets:

  • Low melt flow index
  • High durability
  • Great impact resistance, durable and flexible
  • High – temperature resistance (100-300 degrees Celsius)
  • Stable production ability
  • Suitable for the production of products that contact directly with food

How does the life cycle of Biopolymer biodegradable plastic happen?
  1. Production: Biopolymer biodegradable plastic resins are created from a combination of natural materials and traditional PP/PE materials by modern technology, closed production line.
  2. Application: due to keeping the same characteristics as traditional PP / PE but Biopolymer biodegradable plastic resins are completely capable of applying Blow Molding, Injection molding, Extrusion molding, etc. to produce products such as cups, chopsticks, straws, …
  3. Landfill / incineration: after the process of use, under the influence of microorganisms, the waste of Biopolymer biodegradable plastic can be buried or burned.
  4. Biodegradation: Then, they will decompose into biomass, water, CO2 or CH4, capable of helping the growth of plants, without polluting the environment. In the end, plants will continue to provide natural materials for the production of Biopolymer biodegradable plastic resins. Just like that, the life cycle of the Biopolymer biodegradable plastic resins continues to rotate, forming an optimal cyclic process, contributing to positive effects on the environment.

*Note: Biomass is a source of plant materials, growing and multiplying thanks to chemical energy, solar in the photosynthetic process, so it has a high renewable capacity.


With superior quality and high biodegradability, researched by a team of experienced engineers for more than 10 years. Biopolymer biodegradable plastic resins is confidently the most unique and optimal source of materials. Capable of completely replacing traditional PP/PE. Promising to bring a new transformation to Vietnam’s plastic industry.

3. Do you want to learn more about Biopolymer Viet Nam?

The value of products and consumers come first, Biopolymer is equipped with modern machinery systems as well as a reputable source of raw materials, ensuring the highest level of product quality to consumers.

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