Biodegradable garbage bags made from coffee grounds are a great solution to limit environmental pollution caused by plastic bags in the world. According to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the number of plastic bags consumed in 1 hour can wrap 7 times around the earth if placed next to each other. This is a terrible number showing that people’s habit of using plastic bags is putting pressure on the living environment around us.

Let's use biodegradable garbage bags
Let’s use biodegradable garbage bags

However, with the main ingredient from coffee grounds, the biodegradable garbage bags will be able to completely biodegrade into compounds which is necessary for plant growth. Thereby minimizing the possibility of negative impacts of plastic bags on human life and the environment. Therefore, the use of biodegradable bags is an effective way to reduce the way that conventional waste disposal methods negatively impact the Earth.

Introduction about Biopolymer

Biopolymer is a brand of Veritas Vietnam JSC operating in the field of bioplastics. Our brand specializes in providing two product lines, which are coffee bio-composite and finish products applied from this plastic material such as cups, plates, pens,…

Thương hiệu Biopolymer
Biopolymer logo

Biopolymer is the only unit in Vietnam that has successfully researched and developed coffee bio-composite material which is used to produce biodegradable garbage bags. At the same time, we are also the only unit in Vietnam capable of self-manufacturing as well as holding intellectual property rights on this material. Therefore, when choosing Biopolymer, customers will always receive products with the best quality along with extremely competitive prices.

Hạt nhựa sinh học cà phê
Coffee bio-composite material

In addition to specialize in supplying bioplastics material to the market, Biopolymer also pays special attention to develop applications from coffee bioplastics, especially biodegradable garbage bags. We also provide specialized services such as OME / ODM, Whitelabel,.. so that customers can completely believe in our ability to meet their requirements.

What materials are used in manufacturing biodegradable garbage bags?

The feature that distinguishes biodegradable garbage bags from traditional garbage bags is the composition. Instead of 100% being made of oil-based plastic, the biodegradable garbage bags has the main ingredient from nature such as: coffee, bagasse, corn flour, wheat flour,… This natural ingredients play an important role in making garbage bags biodegradable in a short time.


Túi rác sinh học cà phê
Biodegradable garbage bags

Especially, this is the first time that biodegradable garbage bags with ingredients from coffee grounds have been launched in Vietnam, bringing a breakthrough and a wind of change to the industry which is very scandalous because of its negative impacts on the environment.

In order to produce biodegradable garbage bags with a green mission, Biopolymer has diligently researched and developed coffee bioplastic materials for industrial production. With coffee bio-composite is a unique combination of organic coffee grounds and primary plastic, which provides optimal biodegradability.

Quy trình sản xuất hạt nhựa sinh học cà phê
Producing product from coffee bio-composite

However, despite containing natural ingredients, coffee bioplastic still almost retains the characteristics of traditional PE / PP plastic beads, with the ability to apply technology of blowing film, extrusion, injection molding to manufactures products in the plastic packaging industry, construction, engineering, civil,…


Biodegradable garbage bags production process

In order to transform raw coffee grounds into final products that are biodegradable garbage bags, the production process is designed to include 6 steps:

  • Step 1: Producing raw materials which is coffee bio-composite, with a blend formula and exclusive production technology at Biopolymer.
  • Step 2: Applying blown molding technology. At this stage, the coffee grounds are melted at 500 degrees F. They are then pushed through a vertically forming slot to form a thin tube. After that, air will be introduced through a hole in the middle of the mold to inflate the tube. Above is arranged a high-speed air ring to cool the finished product.
  • Step 3: Using thermal welding to cut the desired biodegradable garbage bags shape.
  • Step 4: Print image on the semi-finished product.
  • Step 5: Check quality of the finished product.
  • Step 6: Packaging.

Why we should use biodegradable garbage bags?

There is a fact that humans are releasing more than 5,000 billion plastic bags into the environment every year. And this situation is creating more and more burdens on our habitat and on our health. Therefore, replacing conventional garbage bags with biodegradable garbage bags is the necessary action right now to minimize the negative impacts of plastic bags on our lives.


The first harm of normal garbage bags we have to mention is their impact on More serious when most plastic bags in Vietnam are mainly made of PE or PP plastic derived from petroleum, once mixed with impurities such as sulfur, pure kerosene, when burned and Meeting with water vapor will form sulfuric acid in the form of acid rain, which is very harmful to the lungs.consumers’ health. Because of the presence of metals such as lead and cadmium which are contained in additives and dyes used to dye blue, red, yellow. These are all substances toxic to the brain and are the main cause of cancer.

Màu sắc của túi nilon
Colors of plastic bags

It is more serious because most plastic bags in Vietnam are mainly made of PE or PP plastic derived from petroleum. Once being mixed with impurities such as sulfur, pure kerosene and burned and meeting with water vapor will form sulfuric acid in the form of acid rain which is very harmful to the lungs.

In addition, using incineration method to treat the garbage bags waste is very popular which will produce carbon dioxide and methane. This is the two main gases that aggravate the greenhouse phenomenon. Beside, there are other extremely toxic substances such as Dioxin and Furan, which cause poisoning, difficulty breathing, vomiting blood or leading to cancer, immunity reduction, Not only that, the negative effects of plastic bags also spread to the environment on Earth as they constantly pollute the oceans, the ground and even the air we breathe.dysfunction and birth defects in young children.

Xử lý túi nilon bằng cách đốt
Plastic waste treatment

Not only that, the negative effects of plastic bags also spread to our living environment. They constantly pollute the oceans, the ground and even the air that we breathe.


Hạt nhựa sinh học cà phê phân hủy sinh học
Biodegradable process

However, biodegradable garbage bags with the main ingredient from coffee grounds will be a great solution to these problems. Because of the ability to biodegrade into water, CO2 and biomass, biodegradable garbage bags is completely safe for human health and friendly to the environment.

Along with that, taking advantage of coffee grounds which are usually discarded for production also helps to save costs making the price when reaching consumers becomes very attractive.

Purchasing Policy

Please visit Biopolymer Website, then click “Contact Us” and leave the necessary information. Our Biopolymer team will advise on sizes and quotes as soon as possible.


Biopolymer is the only brand in Vietnam that distributes biodegradable garbage bags, which are produced from coffee bio-composite through blow molding technology to form the final product. Along with the product, Biopolymer also provides special services for businesses such as ODM/OEM, packaging design,…

The use of biodegradable garbage bags is a big step to help us avoid the negative effects that plastic bags are gradually eroding human health and the green of the environment. So let’s act together now to protect our future.

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