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Biopolymer is a brand specializing in the development and production of raw materials derived from nature such as coffee grounds, starch, rice husks, bagasse, seaweed… in order to be applied to create restorative products. service needs of humans.

Taking advantage of available natural materials is not only a cost-effective solution, limiting dependence on fossil fuels, but also contributes to solving the problem of environmental pollution globally.

application technology

Most bio-based materials can flexibly apply production technologies such as Blow Molding, Injection molding, extrusion molding,…

Công nghệ sản xuất hạt nhựa sinh học cà phê

More detailed information about the application products of raw materials here

Product certification

Certifications of product quality and quality biodegradability are always a necessary condition to demonstrate the environmental friendliness of bioplastic products.

Through rigorous research and production processes, Biopolymer’s bio-based materials confidently meet the most stringent export and certification standards.

Bioplastics Coffee Bio – Composite

Is a biodegradable bioplastic material, developed thanks to the combination of coffee grounds and recycled materials.


  • Coffee grounds (can account for up to 50%)
  • Food-grade recycled PP


  • No risk of environmental pollution
  • Reduce dependence on fossil fuels
  • Health safety
  • High quality and reasonable price


  • Products produced in packaging: bags, food containers, cosmetic bottles / jars / jars…
  • Producing construction products: water pipes, bricks…
  • Producing civil products: cups/cups/cups, knives/spoons/forks, ballpoint pens, clothes hangers…
  • Producing a number of other technical products

Bioplastics Coffee Bio – Composite

Refer to more applied products made from Coffee Bio – Composite materials

nguyên liệu bio-based bã mía


nguyên liệu bio-based trà

Tea grounds

nguyên liệu bio-based tre


nguyên liệu bio-based xơ dừa

Coconut shell

nguyên liệu bio-based trấu

Rice husk

nguyên liệu bio-based rong biển

Seaweed species

In addition to existing and developing materials, Biopolymer provides processing and manufacturing services for new bio-based materials according to customer requirements.