Pens made from coffee grounds? To Biopolymer, everything starting with coffee is possible. even the coffee bioplastic pens can be a new solution with unique features. This also proves that coffee bio-composite is a biodegradable material with many advantages.

Biopolymer launches pens made from coffee grounds
Biopolymer launches pens made from coffee grounds

1. Alert to plastic ballpoint pens

Harm the environment

Like other plastic products, plastic pens are familiar to us and used around the world: at home, at school, at workplace… The broken ones will be thrown away and become plastic waste.

A plastic pen consists of two parts: the inner part and the shell part. The most valued one is the inner part – where the ink is stored. Therefore, every time the inner part is damaged, we can no longer use it. This happens all the time. The manufacturer has provided users with another choice by selling the pen core to replace it, tho. But that way didn’t work that well.

Dangers of plastic ballpoint pens
Dangers of plastic ballpoint pens

On average, each student uses three ballpoint pens per month, 20 ones per year. There are about 8.2 million students in the country, so 64 million ballpoint pens will be sent out into the environment, approximately 1,000 tons of plastic waste. If replacing ballpoint pen with pencil when writing drafts, doing homeworks, taking notes; replacing plastic ballpoint pens with metal ballpoint pens that can replace the core or ballpoint pens with bamboo peel, paper, wood will be a better solution and protect the environment in a sustainable way…that’s why pen made from coffee grounds was created

Harm your health

Besides the bad effects on the environment, plastic pens also harm human health. What’s really causing the damage here is an ingredient in — a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA).

BPA is a chemical used in the plastics industry. This substance has been shown to have side effects such as causing nervous disorders, muscle weakness, allergies… in very small amounts. There are even studies that show BPA can stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

Plastic ballpoint pens can harm your health because of BPA
Plastic ballpoint pens can harm your health because of BPA

It can be more dangerous, when putting a pen into your mouth, our body temperature will make BPA more active and allow chemicals to enter our body even more. Many countries around the world have banned the use of BPA in the production of food containers for this reason.

2. Pens made from coffee grounds – New environmentally friendly solutions.

Origin of coffee bioplastic pens

The main material of the coffee bioplastic pens is coffee bio-composite with 50% ingredient from natural coffee grounds, the material has the same toughness as traditional PE/PP.

Coffee bioplastic pens after using up the ink inside can be replaced with another one for reuse or buried. It will decompose into CO2, H20, CH4 and biomass and benefit plants.

Coffee bio-composite produces pens made from coffee grounds
Coffee bio-composite produces pens made from coffee grounds

Coffee bioplastic pens are safe for health

Thanks to natural material, the coffee bioplastic pens proudly passes the rigorous testing procedures for safety of famous organizations such as QUATEST 3, SGS, … The product is completely free of fillers, additives. BPA , safe for the customers, especially for those who have a habit of biting pens

Two types of pens made from coffee grounds – Biopolymer

Biopolymer introduces two main types of coffee  bioplastic pens: Ballpoint Pen and Gel Pen. In general, these two types of pens have the same origin as Coffee Bio-composite, both are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

In addition, the quality of the coffee bioplastic pens is also high thanks to the ink core imported from Germany and the tip of the pen from Switzerland. Not only is it an environmentally friendly pen, Biopolymer always wants to develop high-quality pens that can be used for a long time, without causing the ball to be broken or clogged like ordinary pens.

Pens made from coffee grounds
Pens made from coffee grounds

The parameters of pens made from coffee grounds.

  • Size: 15cm x 1cm
  • Ink color: blue, red, purple, black.
  • Barrel: made from coffee grounds, natural brown color, biodegradable, environmentally friendly.
  • Weight: 0.02gr
  • There is a natural coffee scent during use

Coffee bioplastic pens are suitable for school, home or office. In addition, this is also a potential product with the trend of environmentally friendly gifts for individuals and businesses, customers can completely print or engrave logos as required.

Biopolymer hopes this is a new product to help replace plastic pen products on the current market, helping to reduce plastic waste from stationery and build a community that says no to plastic waste

Purchasing policy

Please visit Biopolymer Website, then click “Contact Us” and leave the necessary information or our fanpage. Our Biopolymer team will help you find the right sizes and price quotes as soon as possible.

With the above benefits, pens made from coffee grounds have shown their replacement for plastic ballpoint pens. Let’s use pens made from coffee grounds for a sustainable future.

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