Possessing a unique design and modern technology, the product is not only the first bio-plastic cups made from coffee ground in Vietnam but also offers many breakthrough features.

cups made coffee ground
cups made coffee ground


single use plastic cups
single use plastic cups

In daily life, it is not difficult to see that single use plastic cups are widely used all over the streets, from urban to rural areas, from coffee shops to roadside shops. All seems to be a chaotic and toxic picture. Especially these poor quality single-use plastic cups will directly threaten consumers’ health.

Many experts have recommended that all single-use plastic cups are made of a substance called Polystyrene which is white, lightweight and flexible. Therefore, they are very popular, especially in the food industry.

Moreover, when this substance contacts hot food and drinks (above 70 degrees Celsius), it will release extremely toxic styrene and mix into the food and drink. Styrene is essentially a very toxic substance, causing malignant cancer and having the ability to destroy the DNA structure in the human body causing fetal malformations or nervous system disorders such as stress, headache, fatigue, along with other consequences such as thrombocytopenia, stroke, etc. The longer this substance is exposed to the drink, the higher the risk of exposure to toxic substances.

In addition, according to many experts, most plastic cups contain BPA – a substance that has also been proven to cause cancer, affects the brain and make it slower growth, hepatitis, disorders endocrine and infertility.

It can be said that the harmful effects of single-use plastic cups to human health are not small. It is time for us to change before things get out of control. Therefore, cups made from coffee ground was born as a perfect alternative to traditional toxic plastic cups, gradually building a “green” environment, a “clean” health for the whole world.


cups made coffee ground
cups made coffee ground

Cups made from coffee ground are made entirely from coffee bio-composite, which contains more than 60% natural coffee grounds. Therefore, products have optimal biodegradability, specifically, when the product is burned or buried. Under the influence of bacteria, cups made from coffee ground will decompose into CO2, H20, CH4 and biomass which help plants grow and develop and do not decompose microplastics. Both features are environmentally friendly. The trees continue to grow and develop, providing a source of green and clean natural materials to continue producing cups made from coffee ground.


In addition, cups made from coffee ground are good heat retention to help your drink keep good taste for a longer time and are comfortable to use both in the microwave or in the dishwasher. 

The cups made from coffee ground can also be laser engraved on the side of the cup, along with a power-operated handle to create a comfortable feeling when used.

Product safety is also our top priority. The cups made from coffee ground are completely free of toxins or additives, do not contain harmful BPA, do not expose to the hazardous substance Styrene, and are safe for consumers’ health. Not only that, the cups made from coffee ground are also certified by Food Contact Materials (FCMs) for safety in contact with food and drink, even when it has hot temperatures (100 degrees Celsius).

Because of being produced from coffee bio-composite material, the cups made from coffee ground have the ability to be biodegradable which helps reduce waste to the environment and especially has a unique coffee color and scent, giving users a unique taste and experience.

Thanks to the advantages of the product, including environmental friendliness, cups made from coffee ground are the right and perfect choice for replacing traditional plastic cups which contain many risks of causing diseases.

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