Still a product made from coffee biocomposite bioplastics, To Go cups are “launched” with a unique and novel design, ready to conquer every user’s heart.

With the busyness of today’s life, the demand for take-away cups is increasing, but this will cause many problems, especially in terms of environmental pollution. Because after only a few minutes to a few hours of use, they – single-use plastic cups will be immediately discharged into our living environment and take hundreds of years to decompose

Aiming to bring quality and unique products to serve users’ needs, but still keeping the “greenness” of the earth, To go cups made from coffee bio-composite raw materials have been launched.

To-go cups made from coffee biocomposite
To-go cups made from coffee biocomposite

Possessing 2 parts including the body and the removable lid, To go glasses are often used by drinking directly through the opening right on the lid, using a straw or removing the lid to drink like regular cups. other. Hidden inside the compact design, the product has a capacity of 340ml, suitable for storing all the most delicious drinks, and convenient to carry anywhere.

Specifications of To go cups made from coffee bio-composite bioplastics.


150 grams





Diameter over


Bottom Diameter


Specifications of To-go cups made from coffee biocomposite bioplastics
Specifications of To-go cups made from coffee biocomposite bioplastics

Outstanding advantages of To go cups made from coffee biocomposite

This is a product made from 100% coffee bio-composite (coffee grounds), which contains more than 60% natural coffee grounds.

Therefore, To go cups have optimal biodegradability, specifically, after the product is burned or buried, under the influence of bacteria, they will decompose into CO2, H20, CH4 and bio block – capable of helping the growth and development of plants, non-degradable microplastics, environmentally friendly. And just like that, the trees continue to proliferate and grow, providing a source of green and clean natural materials to continue making products from coffee bio-composite resins.

At the same time, thanks to the application of coffee bio-composite bioplastics, To go cups have the ability to retain heat for hot or cold drinks quite well.

Possibility to use in the microwave and also in the dishwasher. To go cups are especially safe for users, because they do not contain toxic substances, are BPA free, are not exposed to styrene, 100% for human health. also certified Food Contact Materials (FCMs) for safety when in contact with food, including food with hot temperatures (100 degrees Celsius). This is also considered the biggest advantage of products made from coffee bio-composite raw materials.

Outstanding advantages of To go cups made from coffee bio-composite
Outstanding advantages of To go cups made from coffee bio-composite

In addition, the product also has advantages such as:

The product can be reused for a lifetime thanks to the inherent durability of coffee bio-composite (coffee grounds).


Natural brown color of coffee, easy to see the coffee material on the surface of the cup

The product has a mild characteristic scent from coffee, creating an enjoyable experience for users

With the above outstanding advantages and unique ingredients, the product promises to both bring the best user experience and contribute to the protection of our living environment. Regarding coffee biocomposite, this is considered a promising source of raw materials in the future.

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