It is not difficult to find eco-friendly bio comb products made from wood or barley. However, have you ever heard of combs made from coffee? Let’s find out with Biopolymer what makes this unique eco-friendly product special!

Combs made from coffee
Combs made from coffee

Why are comb products made from environmentally friendly materials on the throne?

Normal Combs
Normal Combs

Not merely a temporary consumption trend, “green” care products are increasingly being “promoted” and widely known to raise awareness of green living and protect the environment against plastic pollution which adversely affects the environment and human health.

  According to statistics, 11 million tons of plastic are predicted to end up in the ocean every year. Beauty and personal care products make up a large part of this huge number. The United Nations says that if this situation continues it will mean that the Earth will have more plastic in its oceans than fish by 2050. Therefore, substitute products are the inevitable solution.

In addition, many studies indicate that plastic combs can be the cause of some hair and head problems. Plastic combs are rough, making hair vulnerable to frequent brushing. Since then, hair loss and frizz are inevitable.

Also because the composition is not very friendly, the plastic comb does not provide the ability to massage the scalp like other materials. Therefore, it will not be as effective as combs made from other materials in helping blood circulation, stimulating hair growth.

All of the above reasons, both objective and subjective, prove the right purpose of eco-friendly hair care products, which is not only a better health care item, but also a positive impact on the environment

Combs made from coffee

Vietnam is a country ranked 2nd in the world in terms of coffee production and consumption, high consumption means that the amount of coffee waste is not small. Although used coffee grounds have many applications, it is almost impossible to make full use of coffee grounds, simply because the amount of coffee consumed is more than expected.

Products made from coffee grounds of Biopolymer
Products made from coffee grounds of Biopolymer

The fact that coffee grounds are released into the environment will take up a lot of space for waste, and coffee grounds are also considered as a greenhouse effect due to the generation of methane gas during the decomposition process.

In order to create a new direction for coffee ground and reduce environmental pollution, Biopolymer has created a closed green cycle along with applied products, one of which are combs made from coffee.

What are combs made from coffee?

This is a hair care product made from Coffee Bio-composite derived from coffee grounds of Biopolymer Vietnam. Coffee Bio-composite material contains up to 60% of natural origin, so it naturally possesses optimal biodegradation properties, not only reducing dependence on fossil materials but also taking advantage of coffee grounds.

Combs made from coffee
Combs made from coffee

Why should we choose combs made from coffee?

Combs made from coffee are environmentally friendly, eligible for biodegradation certificates such as DIN Certco, TUV Austria,…etc.

Compact design, handy for all hair types and in any case, daily use or travel.

Especially combs made from coffee also have a “dual function” to help promote hair and scalp health. The reason is because coffee material is an extremely effective ingredient in beauty and body care, along with the design of thick round teeth, which helps to straighten the hair, massage the scalp and stimulate blood. circulation for healthy hair blood, reduce hair loss and dandruff.

Thanks to the origin of coffee, the product also possesses a mild coffee aroma, helping to create a unique and relaxing experience.

In addition to common use, combs made from coffee are also a potential product for hotel chains, when many countries around the world have made certain moves to reduce plastic hotel utensils. Combs made from coffee are extremely suitable to replace plastic products.

The price of combs made from coffee is competitive and suitable because it does not depend much on fossil materials in nature.

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