Cups made of coffee are a significant step forward in the context of increasing plastic waste pollution in Vietnam

Coffee grounds cup - The first product in Vietnam
Coffee grounds cup – The first product in Vietnam

Single-use plastic and unpredictability
Coffee grounds cup – The first product in Vietnam

Perhaps environmental pollution in general, and plastic waste pollution in particular, has been a painful and contentious issue in Vietnam for many years. Because of the convenience culture, single-use plastic is becoming more prevalent and difficult to control. They crept into markets, supermarkets, restaurants, and so on, and gradually became a habit, an essential part of modern life

It is not difficult to list the harms that single-use plastics have caused in our lives, such as the accumulation of plastic waste, which pollutes soil, water, air, and other living environments in an entirely residential area. More dangerously, plastic waste will decompose into microplastic particles that are then accidentally present in the food source of aquatic organisms such as fish and shrimp, posing a risk to human health in the future. Although there have been solutions such as encouraging people to limit their use of or recycle plastic waste, there are still many issues due to a lack of synchronous management at the collection and classification stages. Admittedly, single-use plastics silently destroy the environment and the entire natural ecosystem. If people do not have a clear direction and plan of action, this painful problem will persist, causing a slew of unintended consequences.


With these worries and concerns, the appearance of coffee cups appears to point in a new direction, helping to reduce plastic waste pollution and raising awareness of “green” community copper consumption.

So, what makes this coffee grounds cup unique? Let’s find out!

Cups made from coffee – the answer to the environmental problem
Coffee grounds cup – The first product in Vietnam

With materials derived from biodegradable plastic particles and Coffee Bio-composite derived from natural coffee beans, the coffee cup is fully and optimally biodegradable. TUV Austria, DIN CERTCO, USDA, and other prestigious organizations have verified it.

The coffee cup is uniquely engraved on the side of the cup and has a power-operated handle button design, which helps to provide the user with a comfortable feeling. During use, you will notice coffee’s characteristic light and gentle aroma.

Furthermore, the coffee grounds cup has good heat retention, strength, and high heat resistance up to 125 degrees Celsius, and it can be used in the microwave and dishwasher.

The product’s capacity The coffee cup holds 450ml (15oz), has an 85mm diameter at the mouth, a height of 100mm, and a width of 120mm (including the handle).

100% product safety is also a top priority. Cups made entirely of coffee contain no toxins or additives, are free of toxic BPA, and are therefore safe for consumers’ health.

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Purchasing policy
Coffee grounds cup – The first product in Vietnam

Coffee Cups can be purchased from the Retail Website.

And after that, click the “Contact us” button and fill out the shipping information. Our Biopolymer team will counsel sizes and price quotations as soon as possible. Coffee Cup items will be delivered to you within 1 to 2 days.

If you have any questions about purchasing policies, product information, or anything else, please send an email to, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible best.


Coffee grounds cup - The first product in Vietnam
Coffee grounds cup – The first product in Vietnam

The first coffee grounds cup product in Vietnam was born out of environmental responsibility and a love for coffee beans, promising to be a bright spot in reducing plastic pollution. We hope that with its natural, environmentally friendly biodegradability, this product will continue to write the environmental story, spread the message of limiting single-use plastic, and help you create a “green” future.

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