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In the world, bioplastics are being used to make practical products.

According to the European Commission, many organizations worldwide have developed comprehensive approaches to the bio-based field in the last 5-6 years, particularly in Europe. Demand for eco-friendly biological products has also increased as investors and consumers pay increasing attention to the environment and health. Environmentally friendly products made from biological materials are also becoming more popular as a solution to current and future environmental issues.


Currently, there aren’t many businesses in Vietnam that make use of biodegradable plastic beads. Biopolymer Vietnam is always proud of the most unique biodegradable coffee-based materials, which is also a source of materials with diverse applications that can replace traditional plastic products, thanks to advanced technology and ten years of research.

Coffee Bio-Composite Vietnam bioplastic not only uses discarded coffee waste materials to reduce waste in the environment but also has excellent biodegradability due to its natural origin. environmental friendliness

Coffee Bio-composite Vietnam has 5 applications.

The main material used in the products is Vietnam Coffee Bio composite, a new material that contains more than 60% natural coffee grounds but retains its durability. traditional PE/PP toughness

Coffee Bio- Composite

As a result, when the products are burned or buried, bacteria decompose them into CO2, H20, CH4, and biomass, which can aid in the growth and development of plants. Planting, no microplastic decomposition, and eco-friendly.

To demonstrate prestige and professionalism to customers, products made of coffee materials can be completely printed or engraved with the brand name.

1. Coffee ballpoint pens

Plastic ballpoint pens, which are commonly used from school to work, are the culprits in terms of waste generation, despite the fact that they take 500 to 1000 years to decompose.

The Coffee Bio-composite Vietnam ballpoint pen is an ideal green transition product, with uses and features comparable to other ballpoint pens on the market.

With the benefits of a diverse design that is suitable for use, the ballpoint pen from Coffee Bio-composite Vietnam is confident in providing users with a new and satisfying experience. Furthermore, the inner ink core is replaceable; after use, users do not have to discard it but can reuse it.

Coffee Bio- Composite

The coffee bio-plastic ballpoint pen proudly passes the stringent safety testing procedures of well-known organizations such as QUEST 3 and SGS,… The product contains no toxic fillers, additives, or BPA and is therefore completely safe for children adults, and especially those who have a habit of biting pens.

3. Vietnam Bio-composite Coffee Spoon

The product is committed to not containing BPA, a substance capable of destroying the body’s hormones and causing a variety of dangerous diseases such as cancer, nervous system damage, hypothyroidism… and other serious illnesses. In addition to the reasons stated above, Coffee Bio-composite Vietnam spoons have many other distinguishing characteristics, such as:

  • High strength and heat resistance compared to traditional materials
  • Smooth surface, enjoyable to use and hold
  • Suitable for yogurt, ice cream, and so on.
  • It has the natural mild aroma of coffee.
  • Bioplastic coffee spoon prices are competitive and reasonable.
Coffee Bio- Composite

Coffee Bio-composite Vietnam spoon is the right choice to replace traditional spoons because of its strengths in quality and product features, allowing customers to have a better experience. while safeguarding human health and the natural environment around us

3. Bio-composite biodegradable plastic cup for coffee

The cup’s capacity is 450ml (15oz), its diameter is 85mm, its height is 100mm, and its width is 120mm (including the handle) – this is an ideal size for a variety of drinks.

Coffee Bio- Composite

The product has a power-operated handle button design and is uniquely engraved on the side of the cup, which helps to bring comfort to the user. During use, you will notice the distinctive light and gentle aroma of coffee.

Furthermore, the cup made of Vietnamese coffee bio-composite has good heat retention, high strength, and heat resistance up to 125 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for use in microwave ovens and dishwashers.

4. Cosmetic jars and bottles

Coffee Bio- Composite

Bottles of various sizes and uses, including jars, vacuum bottles, upside-down bottles, bottles with faucets, and so on. All bottles, jars, and tubes are made of coffee bio-composite Vietnam, which meets biodegradation standards.

Flexible bottles for a variety of soaps and cosmetics, ensuring that the nutrients and solvents inside are not harmed and that there are no spills or leaks. The product’s surface is rough and has a natural coffee-brown color, giving it a luxurious and one-of-a-kind feel.

5. Bio-composite coffee planters

Coffee Bio- Composite

Plant pots made from Vietnam’s Coffee Bio-composite bio-plastics derived from coffee beans are an excellent substitute for traditional plastic planters.

The product is engraved with natural patterns, lending it credibility.

You can either bury or burn it after use. When the right conditions are met, the bio-plastic pot will biodegrade into water, CO2, and biomass, leaving no trace of contamination in the soil or the environment.

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